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Body Numbers??


New Member
Im having problems finding any numbers on this body. I found a buisness card with the name Ramrods but nothing else. Any ideas where the numbers are???

You got any other pics of the car>Maybe we can figure out what it is but as far as the numbers there probably on another car.
No really the numbers are usually on a plate from the manufacturer(If you bought a complete car less engine and trans.Because of liability issues they wont isue a numbers tag if you buy just pieces.
I'm going to assume you know you have a '26 or '27 body. There weren't any numbers on those bodies. The number was stamped on the frame on the drivers side just behind the firewall. The engine had the same number. If your car doesn't have a title, check with your DMV to find out what you need to do to get one. (Whispering) You can buy an existing title and use those numbers. This is the game we all have to play to drive our cars.

I believe the NSRA inspection is just a safety inspection.

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