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Bondo Questions

First, is there a good or bad bondo brand out there? Iam lookng to buy maybe a gallon of it. Is cheap good or sure I spend some money and buy a good brand? Secondly, how long does bondo stay good ?

Thanks, T-Bucket Bob
I use Evercoat. I've probably used other brands over the years but Evercoat is what is available at my local parts store. They may sell other, cheaper brands but I like to stay with something I have used before and I confidence in. According to the 3M site (Bondo brand) shelf life is 1 year from date of manufacture.
I like Rage by Evercoat. Not as cheap as some, but you get what you pay for in filler. Rage saves a lot of time as it sands great, and doesn't shrink much.


I am an evercoat user now as well. I used to hit the parts store and buy Bondo brand and never had an issue with it but since I've used the Evercoat it makes the whole process so much easier I'll never go back.
Evercoat Rage is the bottom of the Evercoat line Gold is the middle and Extereme is the top. All are very good The Gold is less gummy and will sand much better than the reg rage. But the most common problem with bondo is using it to thick and mixing it wrong. Body filler should be mixed slow so no air bubbles are formed in the mix this causes pinholes.If you need more than 1/4 inch of filler some metal work or fiberglass is needed . Use a spredder and knead the filler, scoop it up and roll it over several times into itsself. Mixing more hardner doesnt make it harder it usually makes it to hard to quick. HA HA You will pay about 35.00 to 45.00 a gal for this type of filler. Also only mix what u can spread in 8-10 min is a good rule of thumb but higher temp quicked hardning time.
ive used the rage, and another called dynalite both were pretty good and alot better to work with than the Bondo brand.. bondo brand doesnt sand as well as the others..
I use to use dynalite but i cant find it any more. But your right its much better than bondo brand.
I do paint and bodywork for a living .Rage Gold is the way to go!!:lol: Do not buy anything with a Bondo name on it.Very hard to sand and you Will Hate life.:eek:Keep the lid on tight and you can use it for a year.You will know its bad when the sides of can get thick and it will not mix with the rest of the filler it will make soft spots that WILL NOT DRY when it goes bad.
I am glad u said that Chebby i am no expert like you are, so is good to know im on the right track.
Can this evercoat gold filler be put on metal and fiberglass? Also, can you put any type of primer over it?

T-Bucket Bob :lol:
LumenAl said:
I used Evercoat Extreme then final coat with Evercoat Metal Glaze... as for the primer, I used PPG High build primer, then sealer, then color, and clear-coat... doing that as we speak... Small repair going on, will post pics soon.

Al, what kind of sealer do you use?
I get it local from Auto Body supply house that have several locations in the PNW.

PPG distributors near you are:

Finishmaster Inc #062
3700 Williams Road
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(800) 807-1362

English Color & Supply Inc #15
8303 Camp Bowie West
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 244-8181

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