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bottom of floor

Mine is painted and polished, just like the topside, on both of my cars. I have always been a detail freak and even though I drive them, I still like them clean and neat all over. Sure, it takes a little extra time to keep them that way but I personally would not have it any other way.

I'm the guy that you'll see down on his knees or belly checking out chassis and suspensions at shows and cruises. I enjoy looking at the undersides as much as the topsides, maybe even more.

But to each his own as they say. You have to please yourself and nobody else when it comes to your ride.

My car is undercoated with a paintable undercoating, then painted satin black. I use the undercoating to give it a consistant orange peel textured finish, then use the paint to seal it in. I am not so much of a detail freak, but I do try pay attenton to the details when building. I like a freshly finished car, to look freshly finished.
Same as blownt ... radius corners with body filler and my finger, coat and paint.


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