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Brake system for Hot Rods

If the master cylinder is lower than slave cylinder and calipers, the is a chance that a cavity could be between the master and the slaves or calipers. If that happens you may have to pump the brakes more than you want to make a sudden stop.
What is the reasoning for the Residual Pressure Valves?

As Choppedtop said, but you don't have to have them. BUT if the M/C is below the wheels and mounted onto the frame you SHOULD use them.

All said and done, IF you bleed the system CORRECTLY, it doesn't matter as it is a CLOSED system.
If the system is in good shape with no leaks then they are not needed (closed System) like T Test said.. They are just something that the suppliers sell to make money...….Do not use them cause it's a trying to solve an problem that should be addressed, ie there is air getting into the system no matter where the MC is located.
I thought the 3lb. Was to keep the drum brake shoes from getting to far from the drums to let them start braking the same time as the disks.
Just adjust the drum brakes as they wear down.....That will be sometimes a ways off...Again if the system is in good shape that is not needed...IMHO...….

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