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Building a CCR plans bucket, California registration?


Hello ccr,
I am building my chassis based on your plans. You are in California like me so I am sure you know the best route to get a title and plates on a newly built t bucket. What are my options? I been told new construction titles are a 2 year wait as Cal. Only gives out 50 of them per year. But I really dont want to wait and really dont want new as i think they will want current smog. Not sure but hoping you know the path to take. My dmv office does not know shit. when i asked no one knew what to do. Thanks for some help on this.
I visited my local DMV last Dec. in so cal to get an idea what would be needed as well. I never heard about a two year wait but I do know that the state issues 500 smog exemptions each year starting on Jan 1st. When I was in there back in December of '15 they still had plenty of them left. I was asking them more about transferring out of state titles rather than registering "new construction. If you take a look at the dmv website you can wade through the various areas and you might find some more insight. The way I understand it is you apply for a title and smog exemption, get your vehicle inspected by CHP, take it to a Smog check station to verify it has PCV valve and pay the fees. You will most likely have to pay taxes on the value of the vehicle as well. I'm new to this game too so I'm hoping for the best when that time comes.
I tried to post a link to the dmv "special construction" requirements but I suppose that's above my pay scale. Just search DMV and type in "new construction" in the search box at the top of their web page.
hope this helps
Thanks for that link. I am hoping to Not go special construction but a titled 23 t bucket. Was hoping ccr has the best way. Also special construction in california is limired to 50 vehicles per year. They where trying to get that changed to 200 vehicles per year. So the wait list was at 2 years when i asked at dmv. I left pissed. I will have 2 buckets to do my sons and mine. So really need the best route.
The way I look at it is if a guy can take an old rusted out body, build a frame outta whatever pieces of steel he's had in his pile for years, find an old engine that runs hooked to a trans and rear end outta grampa's ol buick and put all that stuff together with a stick welder and tack on some barbed wire and old license plates all over it and call it a vehicle. Then take that same vehicle to the DMV and get a title... I can get my T-bucket titled in this state too.
Lol you got that right!

I know my problem lies right here with my local dmv. They are jerks. They do not know the rules so they make it up as they go. I have had to jump some serious hoops with a few hot rods in the past and I had a signed title in my hand. I think they have a thing against car guys here. I finally got far enough in with people, happen to be a district manager at the office on my 5th trip in and ge fixed it up. Shook his head and gave me new plates paid my fees and went home. The gals there where trying to make me smog a motorcyle on another trip. Then i just recieved the green sticker and registration papers for an atv I bought 9 months ago from the dealer. I finally called dmv Sacramento and they said the title and vin are under audit? I said whats this mean? They said it was keyed in wrong and it needs a smog to transfer! I said you got to be kidding me 9 months to get a title due to my yamaha race quad needs a smog! So problem is I walk in not knowing what I want done and they enter in the wrong way on the t bucket and I will be in for months trying to get it sorted out. So I am hoping fir some tips from someone that has done it first hand and what they said to get it done.
I pulled this off of the net at some point.

How to Register a Smog Exempt Hot Rod in California

First off don’t believe anything anyone says about their terrible registration ordeal it is possible to register smog exempt with the correct information and paperwork In California. There is a little known law that allows 500 vehicles every year to be registered smog exempt and use any year motor in the vehicle. Every year starting January 1st California allows 500 vehicles to be registered smog exempt if you have requested from the DMV a S.B. #100. If you call the Bureau of Automotive Repairs at 916-657-6560 and ask them if there is any special construction SB 100 numbers left for the year, if they say yes you’re in good shape. They won’t tell you how many numbers are left for the year just if there are some still available.

This is where the work starts you’ll need the following forms

1. Form #124 Applications for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number

2. Form #343 Applications for Title Or Registration

3. Form # 5036 Statement of Construction

4. Form #256 Statements of Facts

Fill out all forms then go to DMV with forms and receipts where you purchased everything for the car tell them you want to register this car as a special construction vehicle and you need them to call Sacramento at this number 916-657-6560 and request a Special Construction SB 100 number’ they’ll probably tell you there are no more SB 100 left for the year but you’ll know that’s not true you have already confirmed there are numbers left. Let them know you have contacted The Bureau of Automotive Repairs and confirmed numbers are still remaining. This will take a while for them to call be patient they probably have never done this.

After you pay the DMV some money based on the receipts given to them for the cost of vehicle parts they will give you a SB100 Number that’s your ticket to a Smog Exempt Vehicle. They will tell you what S.B 100 number you have but you will receive official notice from the DMV in about 2 weeks via U.S. Mail. With this SB 100 you will be able to choose the year model you want to register your vehicle as.

Now call your local Highway Patrol office and ask for an appointment for assigned vin number. My car wasn’t completed it wasn’t even wired to run yet. The CHP did not care. Let them know how far you are in your construction. At that point they attached a vin number to my vehicle.

When finished with CHP and you have a vin number. Next is Bureau of Automotive Repair Referee Station. He’ll need your car for a visual inspection checking only for a PCV to carburetor valve and positive ventilation from a valve cover to the air cleaner, my car was never started up at this check. When you pass the Bureau of automotive repair the last check is lights and brakes at an official inspection station.

Each place you visit will give you paperwork. Take all this back to the DMV and get Happy.
Sweet! Will get started on Monday. This is the info I was looking for! I needed a solid path to take and know what I need to do to get there. Thanks very much! Thanks to all you guys for the input. Appreciate it very much.
Keep us posted on the progress. I just found out the engine I was going to rebuild for mine is junk. I've been getting a run around trying to get an answer to my question as to whether the year of the engine is going to matter to the referee for smog exemption when I go to register.
Keep us posted on the progress. I just found out the engine I was going to rebuild for mine is junk. I've been getting a run around trying to get an answer to my question as to whether the year of the engine is going to matter to the referee for smog exemption when I go to register.

I read somewhere it needed to be 1985 and older engine. But I am keen myself to putting a lq4 in my hotrod. I wonder wgat the rules are on a transplant fown the road bit abit are?
From what I read on the DMV and BAR websites, the owner of the vehicle can choose to use the engine year or the body type (what the body most resembles) to determine the year of the vehicle under SB100. If the engine or body does not resemble a previously made engine or body year, the referee will assign it with a 1960 model year. It also states that vehicles made in the year1976 and newer require smog checks without the smog exempt SB100. So if that's the case I figure a 1975 or older would be safe. The machine shop said he found a 1974 long block for me and would check it out to see if it's usable. woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!!

It's been impossible to talk to an actual referee to ask the question so far, but I was able to leave a voice mail to one of them I tried to contact. If I read everything correctly the year of the engine wouldn't matter if you choose to use the body to establish the year.
Sure wish California did not have all these hoops to jump through. Between registration and gun laws we get it seven ways to Sunday!

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