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busy in the great white north


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hello fellow t bucket fans first time at this. I am building my second building right now so the stripped down T bucket sits in building one she is rather old & used to be quite chromed, but for now she's in pieces & I will be needing some help. You see I can rebuild a motor or transmission from the ground up but I don't know what kind of brakes or rearend I have. Also lucky old me ended up with adrag body with no reinforcement. As for the chassis I want to keep it for myself in order to duplicate it for me for my own use, It's very old but tuff design wise. I'm also trying to get old hemi parts. & beginning my new web site no not competition to this site. talk to you guys later.
First of all i guess you didn't read the small print when you joined.I'll enlarge it for you."POST PICS OF YOUR CAR OR PILE OF PARTS" And second of all:welcome: Welcome Kevin.Where ya from?
Welcome to the site Kevin! Sounds like an interesting build. Can't wait to see those pictures.


Where in the great white north?

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