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car museums ,In ,ky Tenn.


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So the time has come to visit my in-laws again. My questions it does anyone know of any good car museums or must see stops on my way? We go straight down through Indiana to Lousiville then down to Nashville then south west across Tenn.
We go right by the Corvette Museum and have been there.It would be nice to find something to break up the trip alittle. Thanks in advance
There's a neat little motorcycle dealership kinda museum in Columbia, TN just south of Nashville.
Is the johnny cash museum still open in nashville? Also Elvis' Graceland.. Not car museums but interesting nonetheless..
Louisville, should be a few museums there.. Visit a good ol kentucky bourbon distillery you should be pretty close to a couple around louisville, they're pretty interesting actually..
There's also a riverboat tour and you can walk across the top of a Bridge dowtown.

And don't eat at a hooters resturaunt whatever you do.. :lol:.

Should be a sprintcar race in nashville on the weekend dunno if its saturday or sunday though..

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