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Would anybody know how to order from CCR? I called them atleast twice a day all last week and it just rings and rings
I spoke to her on thursday 2 hr time dif and she is closed on monday
Yeah Rooster, but i called different times each day. Thought maybe they were closed for some reason and there was no way to leave a message
They are very old school she may have been on the phone or out in the shop. They have an answering machine did u dial 909-393-4005. Me thinks u called the wrong ###
I have ordered over the phone from them three times, and every time I got a very nice lady who was very helpful, and I got my stuff within about three days.
That she is. A pleasure to do buisness with.
I completely agree with Ted. I have been dealing with them for many years, and have always been very happy.

Hey Rooster - did you get your interior yet?

still waiting she said last week mabye ship tues this week.
California custom roadster in yahoo search i can never get their link to work
I will have to call Diane and see whats going on as far as people not being able to get in touch, and as far as a direct competitor saying anything nice about Her Company, thats how it seems to go, there are enough customers to go around, I always loved my competition, made my stuff sell better. :)
Ted i wont buy anything from somebody who thinks they need to trash the competion to make their stuff look better.
They are VERY old school on how they do things. I have tried to tell her how much they could increase their sales if they would UPDATE that terrible web site. Its better than nothin but not by much. She knows its not the greatest but doesnt know anyone to help her get it updated.
Your right about her being a nice lady very good to do buisness with.
I've never had a problem with CCR. Great people! People know them as CCR. They have problem locating them on the internet because it is listed as California Custom Roadsters not CCR. Just go to

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