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Ceramic coating - anyone tried this stuff?

I am good friends with a guy that does that for a living. That web site makes seem way too easy.
At M&R Coatings they bake everything that comes in at 600 degrees for several hours, then it all is sandblasted. After it is sandblasted they wear special gloves so oil from your skin does not touch the material. Then it is coated, baked again, then it is tumbled to polish it. There is a lot of time polishing.

It is very labor intensive, not hard but dirty and lots of time.
G'Day All,
I've used the commercially applied ceramic coating which as RPM says is baked on. Fantastic stuff, it's guaranteed to reduce radiated heat by 30% and I have to say it does work the difference before and after was quite marked. It also increases the efficiency of the exhaust by keeping the heat inside the pipes aiding flow. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.
Ceramic coated headers are the best thing since sliced bread. The ones on my '27 were done 20 years ago by Jet Hot and are still relatively presentable, and no rust to speak of. I have also had Sanderson coat a few pairs in house, and they are fine too,

I can't see how the stuff that company is selling for that price would compare to a properly coated pair, baked and all that good stuff. It may be ok, but I bet in the long run the life and appearance can't compare to the real McCoy.


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