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Chassis and frame vin?


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Hello, Im new to the t bucket world and forum. I just aquired a 27 ford t bucket about a month ago. The gentleman i bought it off of had built it about 15yrs ago and wanted to make a drag car out of it. I guess when he took it out for the first time and dumped the clutch it scared him so bad he put it in the garage and didnt touch it again until i contacted him about it. Im in the process of cleaning it up, and i got it running the weekend i bought it. I need to get the title straightened out though. He bought the title from a guy in new york and since he was building the car he never titled it in his name. The last time the car was plated and or liscensed was 1948. It had been in storage from 1948 to 1985 and he bought the title in 1996. The car really has no original parts except for the steel body. How do i go about getting the title straightened out and or stamping the vin on the car so i can title it in my name and be able to sell the car later on down the road?

Thanks in advance for the help.
First thing is welcome. Now is the fun part depending what state you are in is how easy this will be.Tell us where you are then somebody from that state can help you more because just about every state is different.
It varies from state to state the dmv or tag office can be the only source of real info to this question. Unless their is someone from your state on this forum who has applied for a title recently. Good luck.
I am going thru the same thing here in Cali. Try AAA and the local rodders. Also check local builders.

Best of luck (why does it always require luck ?). Pictures would be nice.

ok i guess ill post some up, ...





Nice looking bucket only thing velvet doesn't like rain at all.Did it come with a top it has the mounts for it?Having two doors would be nice.
You guys missed the best part, did you notice this is a standard shift car 4 speed?????? very 60s i like it. Bifocals are wonderful.
I sent a PM to crossingt he is in Indiana and has been through title battle I am sure.
yeah it is a 4 spd. I didnt get a top with it.I havnt been able to do much with the car beside clean it up and get it runnin. The guy supposedly built it for a drag car. He said its got around 400hp. The wheels are original fenton's and original steel body. When i got it runnin i was backing it out of my garage and dropped off into the gravel and i let out on the clutch it grabbed real hard and it backfired and i blew the power valve out of the carb. I need to change out the fuel tank because its got a lot of rust in it. Other than that the car is really sound.
Thanks for your help so far.
Great looking '27 Jere. Nice old time theme. Someone went through a lot of work to use that T frame. Best wishes for an enjoyable ride. Thanks for posting the pics!!!

The Title prosses in Indina is pretty easy. and great if you have a friend thats a cop lol.First go to the DMV and get a application for title. THen you have a cop come to your house and check the car for a VIN more or less he is making sure it does not have one on it. He signs the paper and you mail it in. THe state then sends you your Vin. then go to a trophy shop or some where and get some tags made you then istall them on the car. we did one on the frame and one on the fire wall. and then they send you the title.i am not sure if the police come back to make sure you acually installed them or not i think they do. Before you start this you will need a bill of sale"from the guy you bought it from" 2 things i have learned 1. the state does know who owned it before 2. use a low purchase price on bill of sale if it is to high i think over 2 grand you need another paper from a court judge major pain so use a low amount on the bill of sale. hope this helps it is from 2 dunebuggies and 4 t buckets so any other questions let me know also where in Indiana are you i am clear up north almost to Michigan
original model t's used the engine number for title purposes. 27 t's also had the the original engine number stamped on the frame. I save all the junk model T engines I can find. We just bought a 46 chevy farm truck no title. It was easy here in eastern Idaho since the DMV clerk knew the farmer and had seen the truck parked for the last 25 years. It required an inspection by the sherrif deputy for the vin number and another form stating that the title was lost and not in the computer.The Deputy was a racer and had a buddy that had just finished a 350 swap into a 46 truck.. he hooked us up with guys that had parts... One more reason I'm glad I moved out of Calif.
cool. well im hoping i can use the title i have. I cant remember if the guy i bought the car off of said the title was for the car or he bought the title, but i have a title that the guy gave me. I tried to do a vin search on it but since its a serial numer starting with a t- and its so short nothing will come up on the check.

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