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checker board fire wall

First get some black paint and some white paint, (LOL). Seriously I think i would paint the firewall white then get some 3M fine line tape to set up the grid. Then I would get some wider tape, 3/4 inch or so, and some paper and cover the area that you want to remain white and paint black over the rest. I would also paint the black within a couple of hours of when you painted the white. The white should be just tacky enough to hold the black paint but not so tacky as to leave finger prints. If you let the white dry too long you will have to scuff the paint to get the black to stick.
I've seen cheeckerboard templates, if u want to go the easy route, u can probably get them at wallmart or somthing.
Becareful with the tape on tacky paint. No matter what tape you use even painters tape it will pull the other paint off. Trust me I have painted several pieces and the it will pull. I would paint the white first as stated then let it dry. Mask off the pattern and then take some 1500 grit paper and do a light scuff and wipe down. You'll see better results. I did it on my 07 Ram and no problems. Just my 2 cents.
go to a graphics design business and look at there checker designs. they can stretch, curve, move the checkered design in any way, paint your wall white then apply the vinyl with the correct squares removed then paint again mike
These guys make anything from a small graphic to an entire body wrap APE Wraps.
How well does the vinyl stick to the paint? Do the edges seal well enough so the paint doesn't bleed underneath? I wonder what size squares would look best. 3"? 4"? Bigger? I'm thinking this might be something I will be wanting to do when the time comes.

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