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I have this 1923 T that was supposedly started in 1972 in San Deigo CA. Then it went to Inglewood CA and into storage for many many years. Does anyone know any info about this car. The body is very unique and the whole undercarriage is chromed and I mean with 1972 chrome, the real good stuff. It has a working door on the pass side.
When I got it it had diffrent wheels and engine. But the body is my question. Just wondering if the info I got with the car is anywhere near right. Help......:confused:

Thanks Dennis I think it is gona be fun...........and I don't know nothing either thats why I asked...........Thanks see you in CS next year.....:cry:
This is what the frame looked like after I got down to it. The car was very well done in 1972/73. I will post photos of the engine & trans I took out tomorrow.

SOMEBODY had a job as a night watchman in a chrome factory!:eek: Holy Moley, that is really trick. :lol: I'm betting ex show car. What do you know about it's past?

Here is what the car looked like when I traded for it. What I know about the car is not much but I did find the person that brought it to NM and had some long talks with him. The car was started in 1972 as I have said before and then the guy died and the car was put into storage in Ca.

The motor is supposed to be a "test" engine, one of 7, for Shelby cars from the 60's. I have not taken the time to look in to the engine and see what may be there so I can only go by what I have been told. The Trans is suppose to be a T-10 4 speed. I do not want to shift gears in a T Bucket so I am going to use a AOD from a 1984 Lincoln and 304 Boss that was built for the roundy round track. I will use the "Shelby" engine and trans in a 1960 pickup I am also working on, not very hard at this time.

The body I have been told was built by 'Tex Collins' as a premier example of Cal Automotive glass T hot rod. He only made a few of these bodies. That is why I have been asking questions to see if there is anyone here that might be able to vefiy this info. The dash is supposed to be the signature of the car body. The floor on this car is made with 3/4 plywood or better and marine grade on top of that. The glass was hand laid with a working door on the pass side that works in any position I have had the body in. This is one tough body for a fact.

I don't like the way spoke wheels work so they have been changed and the car will have 29 inch X 10 inch on the back and 24 X 6inch on the front smoothies when I get it running.

This car has never been wired or had gas in the tank, no oil in the engine, no brakes, & no water in it so you might say I am building it all over again, but it was reg'ed in CA because I have a pink slip from 1973.

To answer one of the questions I think it did start out to be a "Show Car" but it is going to be driven while I am owner. Any Info would be very helpful.

Thanks I guess this is too long but there is alot to say about the car. :lol:
That is pretty cool. I always like the look of the steering shaft coming out the side.
Incredible! Is the tranny chromed or polished out like mine is. There is a fortune in chrome, good chrome on that thing, especially at today's prices.
The trans is chromed..........just like the photos looks like...............If you were trying to do this in this timeframe you would have to have more money that I got.........I might need a stimulas from Washington........:lol:;)
I am currently working on a T body that was made by Cal Automotive. Was the tailgate molded seperately from the box? Look at the inside of the body and box. Cal Auto glassed a business card into the pieces they made. If the body and box where made before '68, they where hand laid with cloth instead of mat. The one I have is all cloth. You body is a '15, low fire wall, with a '24 type windshield.

Youngster, you may be on to something. The car was laid with cloth not fibers and the tailgate could very well have been laid as one piece then put on the rest of the bed and then the body. The floor on my car is at least 3/4inch plywood and the firewall has at least 1/2 plywood with glass over that. This all appears to be marine grade plywood also. I don't see any buisness card though. Do you have some photos of your body, opps I mean the T Bucket body.....:lol:
the body has the high kick up seat back similar to the steel 16 body I have. Some companies were calling them a 15 T body back in the day.
I have parts from both a '19 and a '24 roadster body. The back panels are the same hiegth. The difference being the placement of th t-deck bead, lower on the earlier body. The side panels are the same heigth at the door.

I don't have pictures yet but will be posting some of the project soon as it will be for sale in a week or so.

What is the lug bolt pattern on the rear end?

I brought new wheels with 5 on 5 bolts. They had some spacers from 5on5 to 4.5 on 5 not a good plan in my opinion.........:)

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