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chrysler going under,hope my job is safe


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I work for a chrysler/jeep dealership in south jersey. and I hoping that we are one of the few to remain open.I have worked for chrysler for over 25 years as a tech.asking a small favor,guys say prayers for my family if your a praying person.again thanks in advance jj.
You will be included in tonights prayers
I WILL ADD YOU TO MY PRAYERS . Hope everthing turns out good.
Hi JJ,
It is tough times right now. Im in the same boat as you are with Chrysler. I own a Chrysler dealership in Kansas. They are going to be closing 400-500 dealerships. Rumor is that they will let the people know at the beginning of next week. I wish you luck.
Do you happen to work for Rob LaFlam?
i worked for him about 6 years ago.i heard they a going under that true?they are right around the corner from me. good luck to you my friend.I hope we are the lucky ones to pull thru.god bless jj
I had not heard that, but I haven't talked to Rob for a while. We used to be in a Chrysler 20 group together. I hope is not true. He is a good guy.
Does the dealership you're at have Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep or it a single franchise? One of the things Chrysler is going to be doing is combining all 3 in a single location.

Let me know what happens.
thanks ron for your prayers,the dealership I work at has chrysler,jeep,vw,audi,and kia. but there is dodge dealer a mile from us.speading rumor of taking us over.I'll keep you posted with laflam.JJ
The dealer ship life has been rocky here lately. I work at a Ford dealer as a transmission tec. We are doing repair work but car sells drooped like a rock in the last 6 months. But the lord will meet my needs with are with out the dealer ship he always has and I to will pray for all you and your jobs.
Thanks speed,that was cool.I have good luck with the big man upstairs.Hes married to my sister,(shes a nun).god has always been there for me.It may take awhile for me to realize it,but he was there the whole time.good luck to you my friend. JJ

I'll be thinking and praying for all you dealer guys. Tough times and I don't think anybody really has a clue as to what to do. Hang tight my friend.

Bill Pedersen said:
I own a Chrysler dealership in Kansas.


I didn't realize you were a car dealer. I bought a '08 Dodge Advenger in Sept. of '07 and got the optional extended bumper to bumper warranty that is lifetime. Now I have to wonder whose lifetime we're talking about. My dealer (Paul Miller-Melborne, AR.) is in a rural area and sells mostly trucks and Jeeps. I talked to them last week and they really don't know anything more then the public. At least that's what they told me. He did say that the warranties should be garranteed by the government. Now that really inspires me! Guess I'll have Obama out here working on my car when needed. My dealer is an Arkansas State Senator and a Democrat. I hope he's happy with the direction we're headed as I'm not. Good luck with your dealership. You too hang tight.

thanks fluid,guess well find out sometime next week. and to my dealership friend,i rode by laflam yesterday and he had about 20 used cars on the lot.doesn't look good for our old friend.I'll kee you posted.JJ
Looks like a positive point headed your way. Have to see what week ends up being like at work Obama did say this will happen quickly. Good luck
I currently work as a mechanic at a independant shop We are not swamped but are steady.
The low number of used cars on his lot may or may not be a bad sign. The floorplan interest on new and used vehicles is the largest expense a dealership has. As car sales have slowed down, many dealerships have cut back their inventories to help keep their expenses in line. It is a supply and demand thing. (My inventory is about half of what it used to be.)

A lot of what was in the press about Chrysler was mainly speculation. So much of it was just to get headlines. Im not a fan of bankruptcy, but Chrysler will be in a much better situation if the bankruptcy happens quickly.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely difficult for most of the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealerships while the floorpan gets changed from Chrysler Financial to GMAC. The dealerships with weak service and parts departments may be in trouble.

The Advenger is a good car. Hopefully you wont have to worry about that warranty. The cars are much better than they used to be. I have been a Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealer for 15 years now. My wife and I both worked for many years with Chrysler Corporation in the Service and Parts division before that. My wife was a service & parts District Manager, while I spent most of my time with the zone office as a Technical Advisor and then a short time as a technical training instructor.
If you get Obama out there working on your car, make sure you post some pictures.
I'd have to say it would be the big town multi dealerships that should be worried. I think the small town dealership is fairly safe. Here in Houston where we have 10 or so Chrysler/Dodge dealerships all over town, then I would not be surprised to see 5 of them no more. Just means you might have to drive further for service. But I never go to the dealer for service anyway unless I absolutely have to.

I am surprised to see Pontiac go away. That was GM's performance brand. I would have much rather seen Buick go away. Cadillac could have taken up the slack for Buick. I guess now it is up to Chevrolet to take over the performance side. Hopefully it will start with the new Camaro.

I think you may be right about the big town multi dealerships. There is a lot of overlap in almost all of the metro areas. Chrysler had a mileage requirement that you had to be a certain distance from the same brand of dealership. I believe it was 7 or 9 miles. If you were a Dodge dealer you had to be that far away from the next closest Dodge dealer. In Kansas City there is a Dodge dealership directly across the street form the Chrysler/ Jeep dealership. I would bet that one of them won’t be around long.
Chrysler had a never-ending dealer agreement, which made it difficult to terminate a dealership. This has all changed now. When I worked for the Zone office, we had a handful of small dealerships that were problem dealerships. I would also assume that they would not renew them. For the most part, I think the small dealerships are probably safer.

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