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Classifieds script

Discussion in 'T-Bucket Forums Announcements' started by Mike, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Mike

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    Oct 23, 2006
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    I have closed the option to post new listings to the Classifieds script. I know there were a few people using it, but there are a couple of reasons for why I've done what I have.

    I am waiting on two scripts to be updated and made compatible with IP.Board 3.2.0. Once they are released, I'll be closing the site for a couple hours, to upgrade the Forum, Gallery and Tech Library scripts. I am hoping this will be happening within the next week to ten days time.

    The dev coding the Classifieds script is not able to offer a timeline on when his script will be 3.2.0-compatible.

    In addition, the Classifieds script has been made a commercial script. A license is $35 and it is renewable at a cost of $10 every six months. That approaches the cost of the script that drives the Tech Library and some other site pages. I contacted the dev about the ability to charge a small fee to display listings and he cannot make that option available for an undetermined time. I cannot justify the expense for a function used no more than the Classifieds script has been used.

    The listings in the Classifieds will be there for a few more days, until the forum upgrade takes place. The Classifieds forum has been re-opened, so items can be listed there.

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