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Club member in trouble


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After loosing his daughter to kidney disorder earlier this year, a member of ours has come upon some hard times. He lost his job, but still adopted his two small grandchildren. He is now working part time and his wife is helping out too. So better times are ahead for this family.

We found out about them when we told Hospice that we wanted to donate something for Christmas to a needy family. Much to our surprise we were given this family - one from our own Roam'n Chariot family.

If anyone has any children clothing that your children or grandchildren have outgrown, please email and we can set something up to accept.

Both are boys: two (2) year old currently in a 24 month or 2 toddler &
five (5) year old currently in a size 5.

Again, please contact us if you have any used clothing.

Rick, I'm single with no children, but I'll ask my friends that have them to check. Is this something trying to get done for the holidays or can I be a little late?
Well the guy is understandably messed up right now i was hoping to get some stuff together for the holidays for him i have no clothes but i'm putting ten bucks in.If anyone wants to help a fallen motorhead go to our website and email Tina
Okay, I'll see what I can do. I know I can help in some way.
Thanks man he and his will be in debt to all.A good man he is.
rick can you post the guys name and maby a pay pal address

i will be more them happy to make a donation as im sure many others here will

or maby an e mail addy where to send

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