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Clutch Sets Borg Warner T5


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Forgive me if this makes me look just plain silly. How would I know which clutch set to buy?

Zoom 30000 Series Clutch Sets - Ford

Let's pretend I go with a Borg Warner T5 5 speed transmission for the 352 FE. And I put this steel bellhousing on it.

Ford FE 352-390-427-428 Steel Bellhousing - T5 & TKO

Do I use the 10 or 10.4 inch? The bell housing says it accomidates up to 10 1/2 inch clutches.

Lastly, should I use cable linkage or hydraulic to operate the transmission?

Ford Clutch Actuator | Linkage Kits (Hydraulic and Cable)(Cobra Kit Car, Mustang, Cougar, Falcon, Comet)

This stuff is too expensive to get wrong, that's why I ask.
You need to verify what clutch size your flywheel is drilled for. I'm not very familiar with the FE Ford engines, but some engines will have a flywheel drilled for multiple clutch sizes, some don't. As for clutch actuation, I'm a fan of hydraulic.

All the F E 's I'v had apart had an 11 inch clutch, with the 2 -2 - 2 bolt patern. truck clutches have counter weights and you will have a hard pedal at higher RPM's have you looked at the 70's thru 80's pickups and light duty vans with the top loader 4 speed OD they have a top mounted shifter. they are heavier that a T 5 and should be abe to bolt up to any ford engine with the stock factory parts
The 4 speed OD bolts to a small block. My truck already has this transmission, except its got the electric overdrive button on the dash as opposed to the second D with the circle. (I hope that made sense.) I found a guy that has a website that can build an adapter to fit any OD transmission to any big block. But his kit is $800 and I'd better be certain its what I want before I got one.

Its not the cost that bothers me, its the cost of buying parts I'm later unhappy with that nobody else will want.

Going with a C6 or adapting some other transmission seems to be my only choices. I'm really looking for a transmission that will keep the RPMs low, because I do a lot of highway driving.

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