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Coaster car club show/ THIS SUNDAY!!!!!


New Member
Anyone going to Lead North this weekend?? The Coaster car club annual show in Baltimore Ontario??? $5.00 to get in on Sunday for a show car, a spectator, or vendor. Always a good time.
Hey Keeper, great to meet you at the Coasters show/ rod run. There was some really nice stuff there today. Not much in the line of buckets, a few though. Got to tell you all, by the sounds of things our boy keeper here has a really cool build going on. You folks should check out his build progress on the site here. It's sounds like it's going to be a great ride when it's done. Hey, anyone out there got an old model a axle for cheep???? He needs to replace a 40's one cause it's to long for his build.
Keeper, I'll check that one out that's near here on Tuesday and let you know if it's any good. Talk to you soon.
Yeah it was nice to meet you as well. I never did find that green bucket but got some pics of the orange ones that I can use for my build.

Just let me know on that axle, I am still heading up to Barrie this weekend, hopefully I can track down a bunch of little things I need!

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