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Congrats Youngster!!!


New Member
Youngster finished his last day at the "job" and now can be a full time hot rod builder. I'm betting he will be plenty busy in his "retirement."
Having the opportunity to see his quality of work and the creativity he has he will probably be working harder now than before. But if you love what you are doing it's fun not work....
Chuck T
Man, he's getting ready to live my dream!

Congrats Youngster!!!

only problem with retirement......ya never get a day off:eek::lol:

Hey...Thanks guys!! I know just what to do...I've been practicing every weekend for the last 3 make that 40 some years.

Well, what else could I do... they had the stuff sitting there so we had the Mayor fire off a couple of rounds for ya to give you a Seattle Congratulations.

:) Congratulations Youngster, on your retirement, now everday is a Saturday , but with no day off...oh yeah watch out for the "Honey-do list".

Thanks again to everyone. Just takin' a break from eatin' dust in the shop. Man, it's awful nice to be able to walk away when you feel the urge.

Some friends thought they should nave a retirement party last night so they picked me up and hauled my butt to the casino. Had a great time. Didn't win any money, but didn't come home without any money either. That's all about having fun with friends and that's priceless in my book.

Kim...I'm bachin' it these days so I don't worry about a "Honey do list". The only list I'm concerned with now is the one I make before I head out to the shop. Life IS great!

Congrats Ron, I'm jealous. :) I still have to work two more years.
Thanks Bruce, it seems like only yesterday when I had two years to go. That's looking back. Funny though, when I was no the other side of my last day at work, it seemed like it would never get here.

Just had to chime in and give my congrats too Ron. I have about 30 more years to go so all I can do is admire That is okay, I am very blessed and cannot complain. Congrats again!!!

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