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Congratulations to Dario Franchitti


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Franchitti is now a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500.

Another flyin' Scot, perhaps?

As they say, there are only three kinds of people. Those who are Scots, those who aspire to be Scots and those with no aspirations at all. :hyper:
I was rooting for Helio to be the 4th 4 time winner with AJ, Rick Mears and Al Unser Sr. But then I am also sorta glad he did not become another 4th time winner. AJ has always been one of my hero's. My youngest son is named Anthony Joseph.

Did yall hear F1 is coming to Texas 2012-2021? I find it real hard to believe Austin TX beat out CA, Las Vegas, NY or Florida and others??? Rick Perry must really be offering alot behind the scenes is all I can figure.

Posted on May 26
Updated Wednesday May 26

One of the most elite sporting events is coming to Austin. Formula One racing announced Austin will host the U.S. Grand Prix From 2012 until 2021. Under the long term deal, Austin will become home to the first dedicated Formula One track in the United States.

In just two years, some of the fastest race cars in the world will be competing in Austin.

“I think its super exciting,” said Shelli Wood. “It’s always a good thing when you bring a new element like that a new energy. I think people will love it.”

“We beat out several prominent cities like New York and Las Vegas,” said Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell.

When the race cars arrive, they will be on a world class track built specifically for Formula One racing -- the first time such a facility is being built from the ground up.

“They are going to construct a venue for this purpose and it will not involve any public money,” said Leffingwell. “That is strictly a private venture.”

The exact location and total cost is not being disclosed.

“I can't say right now,” said Leffingwell. “There are still a few outlying parcels of real estate under negotiations and as always with real estate deals you don’t want to talk about them and give too much detail because that tends to influence the price of the real estate.”

But KVUE News has learned the track and grandstand would be built within 10 miles of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and that the track will be at least 3 miles long.

“It will not be in a place where neighborhoods will be an issue,” said Leffingwell.

“They always say it won't impact a neighborhood," said Austin resident Rene Corbett. “It always does some way or another trying to get in and out traffic wise. We'll see.”

During the 2009 legislative session, Senator Kirk Watson authored and passed Senate Bill 1515, which makes it easier to use state money for Formula One racing. The state offered a $25 million per year government incentive to bring Formula One to Austin.

The sports production company Full Throttle Productions is working with the City and F-1 Racing to make it all happen.

“There will be some expense to the state and to the city,” Leffingwell said. “We haven't defined that yet, but the return of investment is going to be huge.”

The event is expected to be three times bigger than South by Southwest, bringing an estimated $300 million to the City of Austin as well as worldwide exposure.

“If there is any question of Austin being on the international map, this will resolve that issue,” said Leffingwell.

Leffingwell says a several minute promotional video of Austin will air during the televised race. It will be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The first race will be June 2012.

here's video
If ever you get a chance to talk to Foyt, don't remind him of how (ahem, cough, cough> a certain drag racer had his car towed at the U.S. Nationals in 1994.

He was more than a little upset until I asked how he would feel about me blocking his race car into his shop at Gasoline Alley. He then realized his position was indefensible and instead of making more of a fool of himself, he asked for help in locating where they had drug his Lincoln.

The funny part about it, a few years back a fellow that had worked at Indianapolis Raceway Park told me the story about how <ahem, cough, cough> a certain drag racer has asked to have a car towed from behind his trailer. He was stunned when I finished the story for him.

'Tis a small world, after all...

I was never much of a Foyt fan in the beginning and I damn sure wasn't that day, either. A hot-headed Texan met his match in an even hotter-headed Hoosier. :rolleyes:

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