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I can't believe how much this site has grown! I remember when it was just Mike, webmaster, Rick, Thomas and I. Sometimes days would go by with no new post, but...... LOOK AT THIS PLACE NOW!:lol: Holy crowded elevator, Batman!:D

Just about every night I log in, there are 2 to 3 intros and 20+ posts to read through! Freaking great!

So, I just want to say thanks to Mike and Webmaster for starting this site and a GREAT BIG THANKS to ALL the new members who have joined up! The knowledge base on here is HUGE and the cool attitudes are over flowing.

Everyone, give yourself a pat on the back!
Fred...I can't let this go without saying "Thank YOU". If you hadn't included this site in your posting on one of the other forums, I would never have looked for it. This recent growth has a lot to do with you.
:eek: We're always happy to hear that people are enjoying the site.

Fred, what you may not know is that we had made the decision to pull the plug on this site, back in January 2007. There was virtually zero traffic through here. A post was made to announce the doors were going to close and 2-3 people registered that same day. We decided to give it a chance and things have just grown from there.

We're always open for suggestions on how to make things better, so if any of you have ideas or suggestions, drop one of the staff members a Private Message and we'll kick it around.

We're currently considering an add-on script that would allow technical articles and product reviews to be submitted in a unique format. Article/review entry would work the same as a forum post, but the presentation would look considerably different.

For a preview of the article format, here is an example from one of our sister forums. This script can also be configured in a tutorial format, as seen here.

The problem with these add-ons is the price tags attached, so we like to give careful consideration to these decisions.

And I suppose this is as a good a time and place as anywhere, to let you in on a recent development. We've been using the vBlogetin add-on script on this forum for several months. It's a really feature-filled add-on and I was even invited to come on board with the vBlogetin staff, to help develop the project. Unfortunately, vBulletin subsequently released their own blogging script, known as vB Blog. People feel the vB Blog script is the way to go, since it is being offered by the same company that wrote the forum software.

As a result, development on vBlogetin has come to an abrupt, screeching halt. The good news is that the version we are using on this forum is stable, but the bad news is that vBulletin is close to releasing an updated version of the forum software and vBlogetin will not be compatible with that release.

The Webmaster will likely be making an official announcement about this issue in the next day or two, but the bottom line is this - vBlogetin is going to be removed from the site and it doesn't appear that we will be adding vB Blog to replace it. Fred is about the only member that is using the blogs at this time anyway, so we're probably not going to throw good money after bad.

Fred, I think the Webbie helped you move some of your member page content over to the blogs, so I would expect he will be in touch with you, to move things back again.
Just wanted to chime in and add to what the others are saying about this forum. I too remember when there was not much activity and not seeing any posts for days. We have really grown and have new posts every day now along with new memebers. Thanks to all of you for getting this thing off the ground. We have a bunch of great people here and I look forward to learning more and more from all the experts out there.

I too just want to thank all that are responissble for the development of this site and all the new members that join up daily. Not a day goes by that I check out all the new post. I usually check it 3 or 4 times a day.:D Thanks lar
I to remember the early days. Who would have thought this site would grow this fast. It's exciting to watch it grow. I've made some good friends and planing on making and meeting a lot of you gentlemen down the road.

Mike said:
Fred, I think the Webbie helped you move some of your member page content over to the blogs, so I would expect he will be in touch with you, to move things back again.

Moving!? Again!? I thought I was done with that stuff when I got out of the Navy. Oh well. I'll wait for his PM.:D
Some day I'll learn how to post pictures like Fred and Rick.

Thanks to y'all for keeping the site going. I see it as a great source of tech.
I discovered forums a few years ago and love them. In that time I've seen a few things that either make or break one, so I hope no one minds me mentioning a few of those things.

I have been on forums where the mods are pretty much absent, and while we all think of ourselves as responsible adults, those forums got out of hand pretty quick. On one forum in particular, I was one of the first to join. It was a nice little site and lots of nice people started joining. Then some people came on and it was obvious they had a different view of how things should be done. The lanquage and flaming started to do downhill and although I and some other members tried to keep things civil, it was a losing battle, so we oldtimers left and gave the place to the troublemakers.

Every forum has it's own set of rules and regs, and that is fine with most people. A site like this should be someplace where young kids or ladies can visit without being subjected to language or behaviour that isn't appropriate. We are here to discuss cars, and although we all have different opinions, we still need to respect one another and their right to have that opinion.

I am glad to see this forum survived and is growing. I think it can become a very popular place to hang out, help others, and learn. I look forward to having a lot of fun with all of you.

Don, Very well said and I agree 110%. Like you, I have seen good sites get run over by small minded self centered jerks.
Don, I've been online for 25 years. I've seen the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

In my not-so-humble opinion, the best forum moderators are the ones you nearly forget are moderators. And we're hoping it will remain like that here.

I agree that a forum should not just be a place to learn, but also be a place of community, where people can gather to share the events of the day. And yes, by all means, that includes wives, girlfriends and children. Rough talk has a time and a place and this forum is neither.

Someone mentioned small-minded, self-centered jerks. We don't mind them participating here, so long as they check their attitudes at the door. Else we will be showing them the door. ;)
Very true words. I also think peer pressure is helpful in maintaining a certain atmosphere. There have been times when I would mention to someone who had made some off color remark that it would be nice for them to go back and edit their post to remove it. Most times they would apologize and do it, not realizing not all forums permit things like that.

Some people see that as an infringement on our right to free speech, but I don't. After all, you wouldn't walk into a Church and start spewing obsenities, nor would you go into a strangers home and tell them what the rules should be there. When we come on any forum we are guests of the owner of that forum and have to abide by his or her rules. If not, we should not want to stay. Life has rules and regulations for all of us to adhere to, that is what makes us a civilized society.

Mike said:
... where people can gather to share the events of the day. And yes, by all means, that includes wives, girlfriends and children....

I'll gladly share events, wives and children.....but I won't share my girlfriends!:naughty::whistle:
Don...Icouldn't have said it better. We all need to appreciate what we have going here. Ther was a great base when I found this site a couple of months ago. Now...well it just gets sweeter with each passing day.
A lot of times, this site reminds me of when Friday after school was spent cleaning up the ride ('66 Mustang) to go sit and talk car stuff with all the other gearheads. The internet has enabled people from all over the world to join in the fun of hot rods. Sites like this are such a great thing that the true value is off the scale. In just the last month or so, so much knowledge has been posted that it's almost overwhelming. For the beginner like me, the experiences of the builders before me not only saved me money and time, but gave me the courage to continue when there were times I thought my dream was just a dream.

I start work at 9am, but I get there at 8am and pull the cover off my car and just sit and look it over. I have pinched myself mentally too many times to count. The praise from my boss and everyone else who remembers when all I had was a bare frame and ideas, is a power shot of motivation that I have NEVER felt before. I have learned that these cars are nothing without the cool people who are willing to help the first timer.

I forget who said it here or maybe it was somewhere else, but they said, "Welcome to the brotherhood." and that my friends is truly what this site is.

Thanks..... EVERYONE.

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