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Corvette wheel cylinders.


My T-Bucket has a '65 to '71 (the car was supposed to have been built in '71) Corvette rear end. I just discovered the right rear wheel cylinder is leaking. The wheel cylinder appears to be built into the caliper. Can i rebuild the cylinder or do i have to replace the whole caliper?
If This is the caliper you have they can be rebuilt but don't do just one side do both or one will do more braking the the other.pic was blocked
Parts are available for these whole caliper with pads about 120 a side.rock auto
I would consider upgrading to the o-ring style piston and seal for the corvette caliper.The standard seals are prone to leak and it has been a very common issue with all c3 corvettes.Contact vvp...vette brake and products that is where I got mine...pop off the outter dust seals and start removing the pistons.The outter and inner halfs of the calipers will need to be seperated so make sure to get extra o-rings that seal between the halfs in case one tears.If the pistons are being stuborn use compressed air through the oil passage to help in the removal....hope this helps..

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