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Crazy Fuel Gauge


Okay I give up. I have a bucket with VDO gauges. The fuel gauge works fine as long as the tank is full. As soon as the fuel level drops the gauge is eratic from then until the tank is filled again. I have taken the sending unit out and manually operated it and it appears to work fine. There are no baffles in the tank, but even when it is setting still the gauge is crazy.

Any ideas?
I was going to say baffles. Maybe the arm on the sender (float) is too short????
Agreed make sour the ground has good connection.Tank doesn't have to be grounded just the connection on top of tank has to have a wire connected to one of the screws for a ground.
Ditto run a ground clip from the sender metal frame to the gauge ground i will bet your problem is there
Thanks for the advice. I will check the ground and run an extra ground to see if the situation changes. If this doesn't fix it I will take it out and see if the arm is loose. I don't remember it being loose, but I isn't hard to get it out.

I would love to get this fixed as I can never tell how much gas is in the tank.

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