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we all know in these days of computerized parts houses and Wal-marts that customer service has gone to hell. After dealing with the hassle through my entire build I finally struck gold.

I blew my th-350 apart (the 2nd one) about two weeks ago. So I find a descent trans shop and have them build me another one. All heavy duty steels and and trans-go shift kit. They even cut open my old converter and cleaned it out before I picked it back up. So I put the motor and trans back in last week and start having issues. With the modulator hooked up it would shift through all the gears within a half block even with the shifter locked in first. Pulling up to a light it would downshift only as far as second. Without the modulator it would shift from first to second automatically with the shifter still in first. So, I call them up and explain my issue. They tell me to bring the whle car down and they would look at it. I explained that I am not leaving my car anywhere (I just rebuilt my hemi and it has less then 100 miles on it) so either I give them the trans to look at or I look over the shoulder the entire time. They agreed and I took it down today. Understand that I bought a built trans from them with no strings. They had their builder go through the trans (finding a hung up governor) and replace everything with aftermarket heavy duty parts. They even threw in an adjustable modulator. We worked on it today for 7 hours, adjusting springs and doing about 10 test runs. I expected to pay for at least half of the time and for some of the aftermarket parts. When we were done and I loaded it back up I told the guy I needed to get my wallet out of the truck. He asked me why. There was no charge for anything they did. Suprised, I left. About a block away I stopped at the liquor store and picked up 2 suprise cases of micro brew and went back. I dropped the beer off in the shop and we ended up hanging out for another hour swapping lies and talking about street races from back in the days.

If anyone ever has trans problems in Denver hit up Walker Transmission on 54th and Kipling. One of the last homes of customer service I have found in the world of Walmart service.
That's really refreshing. Most shops tend to gouge you if you drive anything besides a regular production car. Sometimes just saying Thanks isn't enough. Ya did good Chop.

It's always good to find a place that does things the old fashioned way. Honest.

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