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Cutting a column


I wanted to know if there are any precautions before i attemped to cut a steering column that is should watch out for. It is a solid shaft type. thanks
Not quite following you bud. Are you talking about the solid or tubular shaft that goes from the wheel to the box? If so, once you cut it what are you going to do, put a wheel adapter on or weld or what?

What is the column out of? Are you shortening it or.....?

Well first off the column is out of a 1969 c10 i took it apart and was thinking of cutting the solid shaft in the middle welding it then sliding a piece of tubbing over the weld and welding each side to make it strong enough. Then i was going to cut the outer hollow tube to the same length of the inner one. What i wanted to know is if there is any other easier way to do this then that? and do you think it will work? Thanks
Yeah, that'll work. You want to be sure the sleve tube is a good tight fit on the inner shaft. If you can get a long enough tube, drill at least 1 hole in each end and plug weld it. I would use a tig so you have more control over the amount of filler metal and penitration.

Ok thanks for the info i have tig welded evrything on my car except for the rear end mounts so i guess i can tig this to.


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