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DA Random Orbit Sanders

Rip VW

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I just had my Kobalt Random orbit (DA) grenade itself. The shaft snapped where the disk was molded to the shaft. Of course, no replacement parts available. So, I am off to shop for a replacement.

I would like to ask those whom own a DA what brand do you own and is it air or electric driven and how do you like it. I am leaning to keep with air power but would consider a ac powered one if it is up to the task.

So let me know what ya got or what you are using so I can make an informed decision.
I just bought a new DA a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a cordless one and ended up buying a Dewalt DCW210B. It has the 8-hole hook and loop pad and a dust collection bag. I already had a charger and batteries for my drill, so I just bought the tool. Amazon has it for $95.00. I have used it a few times now and am very happy with it.

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I am hoping to find a peel and stick type of DA so. Can use the big stash of disks I have. I have looked at a lot of different DA’s and something I noticed was almost all of the units have a added dust filter, I am not impressed with them as all of them look bulky and in the way. I have seen some that you attach a vacuum hose but that too looks like a pain in the ass also.

So Far I am looking at a Jet tools DA. Model JAT 720. It looks like my old one. In fact it matches specs with my old one. I am not going and jump on one yet just get several choices so I get the best of both worlds and get the right tool for the job!

I am still on the fence about power source. I think an electric one may be a consideration but I am not completely sold on battery life. Oh well I shal venture on and research the heck out of this. I would appreciate any comments or observations anyone might have.
I have probably owned over 100 of these. I used to buy at least 5 - 10 a year, the same for cordless drill motors. The ones that lasted the longest in a commercial setting were Aero air driven dual action sanders and Makita drill motors. I know, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi etc. are popular, but take it from someone who has owned (and paid for) many of all of those and more, Aero and Makita last the longest. I used to get asked what DA sander will leave a smooth surface, no swirls or scratches? None of them do. How else would they remove material? And for you wood guys out there, don't sand your finished project to 320 grit or finer and then try to stain it. You have simply burnished the pores of the wood closed and the particles of pigment in the stain have nowhere to go. We never sanded projects finer than 100 grit before finishing. You can get stain to adhere to wood sanded to 100 grit and still put on a glass smooth finish. Yes, this is far more than anyone wanted to know.

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