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Darn Ex-Junk.....:)


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Haven't seen him in months,BUT, He still makes me keep going on
my roadster....
He's having a BBQ and if'n I want to eat I have to get my car back
togeather and bring it, So, since I can't turn down food I'm putting
the car back in one piece.
heres the steering and pedals installed...
Next the dash installed....

It is amazing what some guys will do for a meal. It lends new meaning to those signs that I see guys holding that say, "will work for food."

Seriously though, I'm glad to see that Jim, aka TrackT is progressing on his track T. He is building a very well thought out and excellently crafted car. If he has to tow it to the BBQ this Saturday, I will see that it has a place of honor to park for all to see his fine craftsmanship.
Thought we were going to put it in the back 40 ?

Thanks for the very kind words my friend.I'll try not to embarass us to much.
Go for it, Track! He got me motivated to do something I never would have done. The one time I didn't call him, I almost Bar-B-Qued my car!:eek::welcome:
And the steering wheel...

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