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Dash Gauges or Panel Cluster?


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For gauges, do you guys like to buy a set of matching gauges then just space them out with holes in the dash?
...or do you buy a cluster with like an aluminum panel and if so, which one do you use that fits?

Thanks for the advice :)
I bought a 5-gauge set from TPI Tech along with a 5-hole 32 Ford dash panel, which fit nicely in my Spirit body's dashboard. I later replaced the speedometer with a GPI unit. I like it.


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I'm using a Dolphin Gauges set up on a ebay special gauge panel over the old panel with some veneer(my 1st attempt)
I did a bit of a mix match and mounted them directly to my dash panel. Most of the small gauges from Speedway, however. I bought the tach separately and made it fit...the outer ring is different (a little bigger), and the fuel gauge I bought separately because I was looking for a 0-90 ohm gauge. Overall, they look pretty good for my standards. Plus, I saved a lot of costs. Gauges are pretty expensive.


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