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Deck lid hinge ideas ?


I am going to start on the body next week and have been thinking about the rear bed cover. Any hinge ideas and how to attach it all. I have done very little fiberglass work, always pounded dents into fenders. I can always read the instructions on working with fiberglass if all else fails. :lol: I could really use some ideas on this - I don't like any of mine :lol:
Duke because of the curvature of the rear of the body standard hinges will not work.Total has a slick tonau cover made of fiberglass but it takes alot of glass work to pull off.This unit uses a european hinge that pulls out then up but this will only work if you have your gas filler inside the bed and not sticking out the top of the lid.And ummm i just happen to have the hinge set from there deck lid gathering dust on my desk in the garage that i'm not using.
The design for these hinges came from Long T, I just drew them.




Here is the dimensional data.

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Thanks GAB, I'm going to try a set of those when I build my deck lid.
Those look nicer than the bungee cord and lawn chairs Ive been using to hold my lid down.
I really need to finish off my box area. Im gonna modify a set of those hinges to suit my needs, Thanks George!!
GAB said:
The design for these hinges came from Long T, I just drew them.

Here is the dimensional data.


whats the clearance at the rear bolt hole next to the short arm when the hinge is up ?

and might i suggest adding a stop on the upper bracket that hits the short arm when the hinge is up ?
You people are great ! I can see I was trying to over think this, had a case of tunnel vision. What about using some gas shocks to open the lid, That might be cool. I will have some great ideas now, and thanks for pointing me down the right path. :D

Don't know if you received my email I sent you a couple nights ago? I could not reply on this site at the time and I could not attach photos to your private email I'll try it here. As I mentioned you might try drawer slides. They're inexpensive and a variety of them can be selected from either a local wood working store or Home Depot.

My bed cover originally had hinges and I thought there had to be something easier and that I didn't have to prop open, then I saw a bucket in St. Louis and Mike told me he just used drawer slides. I'll see if I can attach a photo or two here.

Hi Duke,
The hood prop would need to be made for you application. The latch mechanism looks like a regular hood latch.

Speedway sells this one.

Or this one is on e-bay for $.99 cents. It fits a VW Beetle. They look the same.

Lokar sells a remote cable kit that is like the one in the pictures.
Thanks Bill, Think I am going to make a set of Gab's hinges and incorporate the remote release wit a gas shock - or thats the plan. :D

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