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Disc brake options


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Does it matter what axle you have for discs? I have drums now and would like to put discs on the front of my bucket. I have access to a few different GM style disc brake setups for free is this something I can swap to my car or is there something special I need to buy. Not knowing what would help as far as a pic this is what I have to offer.
I have no idea. I've been told it is a Total performance kit but I can't confirm these are the same spindles. Is there any way to tell what they are?
I think is a Total axel but it looks like an econoline spindle. but i am not 100% sure. The problem with using odd spindles is the bearing adapters needed to change to a rotor set up the early ford and chevy seem to be the ones that the caliper brackets and steering stuff are made for. If the drums are working fine you may wana just bling um up a bit.
Honestly it's not a looks thing these drums are just kicking my butt. I can't get the front right one not to lock up. I either have it where it doesn't grab at all or it locks up. I guess I'm just not that good at adjusting them, I'm certainly missing something. I used to have a 66 Chevy II and had them suckers working great but I can't figure these out.
Sounds like you have a hose tring to collapse on you to me.
Try replacing the brake hose first when they start going after you apply brakes release then open bleeder and if there is pressure hose is bad.
Also make sure that the linings are real clean, if there is any grease or oil, anything on the lining, they want to lock up, also make sure you have the big shoes to the rear, plus you may have too much pressure to the cyls. as there is not much weight on the front wheels... Good Luck with your problem... :)

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