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Door hinges


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I have been thinking about how to hinge the doors on my body for weeks. Since the Bantam Roadsters used hidden hinges, I want to use the same idea, so no through door hinges. Using some scraps and an old door hinge, I made a prototype which will work good for what I want. The question now is, one large hinge per door or two smaller hinges spaced out but welded together. One hinge, four to five inches wide, would be the easier option to mount, but will it be enough? The doors will basically be just the outside panel and bear claw lock. The two hinge option would be spaced apart about six inches between the smaller hinges. This would add more support, but requires more work to mount. Mounting either hinge will be the same. I will weld strong-ties plates to the hinge. That will be pressed into a bond base. Once setup, a few layers of glass to seal it. Any thoughts? I have seen the Cobra guys use a single hinge, but it is usually huge. But then, Cobra doors are double skinned.
I would suggest the double hinge. While a single hinge would work, I believe the double hinge will provide more stability. Even though it's more work, this is a one-time effort and should add some integrity to the overall structure for the long term.
Double hinge. Pull out the hinge pins, put a piece of rod or dowel through the hinge pin hole on both top and botom hinges, this will align them while installing.
Here's what i used :s-l1600a.jpgThis hinge is an original o.e.m hinge. The hinge (NEW COPY) used to be available for purchase through MACS.
AltBantam, any pictures you could share on your idea? I'm curious to see how this was originally implemented/installed and what you're considering. I'm thinking of cutting through my body to have a hinged door. I'm also thinking through my options on what would be needed for door hinges. Thanks
Because the body is closer to the centerline of the car the bottom hinge must be farther out to make the door swing level. If not the door swings down when opened.

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