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door installation

Speedway dose offer a body with the door already cut out, however I found it would have been just as easy to use the standard body without the cut out.

Ive also found that if you leave a 1/2" to 5/8" lip around the door ( the width of the bead) so it laps the body, you have less trouble with the door opening as the body flexes.

Model 'T' Roadster Door Latches

These latches work the best. Before you attach them to the door, take the slide cover off and clearance the slide a little bit and grease it. then tack the slide cover back on.

For hinges, Go to Mac's and order the left hand set for a '29 roadster. Another possiblity is a stock '23 hinge. It is a 2 piece unit that looks like a 'C' when it's closed. You can find them on E-bay every once in a while, but they are usually pretty rusted. I watch for these at swap meets. You should be able to pick one up there for under $10.

When you set up the hinges, remove the hinge pins and run a length of 3/16" rod thru both the top and the bottom pin barrels. This will keep them in line and prevent the hinges from loosening up because of binding.


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