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Drive in

For the last three weekends I've been driving the bucket truck around working out a few of the bugs. And the wife has put up with it all, dead battery, flooding, clogged fuel filters, etc.

Well I thought it was time to do something fun with the bucket that she would really enjoy. One of the things she enjoys is going to the movies, but when we go its not a cheep night out anymore between tickets and treats it's close to $50 bucks. :gum:

So I went to the market and got some movie treats, soda and ice. Put some folding chairs , a cooler and a blanket in the back of the bucket (Go’ta love that big bed) and we headed to the Drive-in. We got to see Toy Story 3 and Grown-ups, got to meet lots of people and families. Had a great time!

It really cooled of for the second movie, so we folded up our chairs and climbed into the bucket with the blanket. We even used the blanket on the drive home as it was in the low 60’s by then.

In the end it cost us about the same if you count the gas, as we have to drive about hour to get to the Drive-in. But we had far more fun then if we went to the big chain theater and spent $10 bucks on pop-corn. And got to see two movies.

We sadly only have two or three Drive-Ins in Ct that are still open but we now plan on visiting as many as possible. It was great to see the Drive in as busy as it was, I’d say it was about 90% full. Check out this sight, Find a Drive in and take your SO for a movie and a cuddle in the bucket, It's better then buying her roses :sly:

Hmmm, A cruise night at a Drive-in.....
Sounds like a fun date and what a great idea for a T-Bucket cruise. My dad was in the theater business and had a drive-in in Earth, Texas. It was a sad day when it closed a few years after I left home. But being fortunate enough to grow up and work around the drive-in left me with a lot of fun memories . . . and stories . . . especially after I was able to drive and date.
I had a pal who owned a drive-in with his wife. My ex and I used to go there a lot when we were still married. I always felt guilty because he would never charge me at the gate and his wife made it clear to the workers at the concession stand my money was no good there.

Sad to say, they divorced about the same time I did. She took the drive-in in the divorce and then sold it for a paltry sum. It was sad to see how she did him, as he really wanted to keep it.. But the last I knew, the place was still in business, so I reckon that's a good thing.

I remember when I was a wee tad, my parents would pop up a grocery bag of popcorn and wrap some bottles of coke in a blanket and off we would go to the drive in. After a bit, I would get drowsy and had the blanket to curl up in, to fall asleep. And then they could watch the feature movie in peace as I slept. Remember when things were a lot slower-paced and more simple than they are today?
I have very fond memories of the drive-in. My dad maybe not so much HAHAHA. "HEY STOP WATCHING THE "bad" movie on the other screen"

We would all pack in the van or station wagon and off we would go. I remember laying on the roof of the car watching the movie and looking at all the stars.

I am not even sure if there is a drive-in around here.

Sounds like you had a great time.
I'm jealous.
The closest drive-in when I was a kid was a couple of hours away.
We had a small farm (just big enough to feed us but kept us close to home). We never had money but I NEVER felt poor.
So.. we never went to the drive-in.
By the time I was old enough to drive and had the money to go.. it was closed. :(
I've been able to go to a Drive-in near Brackley Beach on Prince Edward Island a few times. About 9 hours driving and a ferry ride from here.
Actually I'll be going there the week after next to do some camping. :gum:
There might be something a little closer but PEI is a great place to go in the summer.
We've been driving the bucket to the drive in for the last year since it is only 10 miles away. We uesd to drive the truck but after the car was done the car is our choice. and if you drive a classic the driver gets in free and the others are $5 a person for 2 movies. I usually get a bunch of us hot rodders together and make it a cruise inn too.
We used to go to the drive in every weekend because that is what we could afford. I even took my girls when they were 2&3 and they still remember going 16 years later. I have so many great memories that it is sad they closed so many of them.
We live just a few minutes from a drive in, about 15-20 years ago both of my daughters and my youngest son worked there they would get free passes for us and when we arrived they would get us free pop popcorn and nachos. That drive in is still going.Can't wait to get my car done, maybe get a bunch together and have a cruse night.
When i grew up in the 70s in Oklahoma city their were no less than 10 drive-ins in the city. I have been to all of them in my 71 Nova SS. Dirty Harry, Hangum High, The War Wagon, Pink Panther , Planet of the Apes. On the north side was the black drive-in. We went to all the black Karate movies there Blackula , Superfly, Shaft, Willie Dynomite and they had the best food. The only drive-in where you could get collard greens and bacon and Kool-aid to drink it was awsome. 14 flags in Moore was my favorite or i just have fonder memories of that one ( wink wink ). Kids don't have any idea what they are missing, that was truly a great time.
I met a girl when I was in high school and we used to go to the drive in on Friday nights using my mom's '57 Chevy (4 door, 6 cylinder powerglide).
That car is long gone, but that girl and I have been married 44 years.

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