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Driveline Yokes


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I have a C-4 tranny and a 78 Lincoln 8.8 rearend with an anti-vibration driveline. I want to replace the driveline with a standard one. Does anybody have an idea as to which yokes I should look for? DPI

If i'm not mistaken seems like i recall a yoke from a aode would work,cant remember if its the c4 or c6 thats splined the same... i'm not certain but might give you something to look into..

if i'm thinking right on the rearend the anti-vibration is just the counterweight on the pinion snout, i know on the 8.8 mustang rears you dont need the counterweight..should be 2 bolts that hold it on, just unbolt and toss in the scrap steel pile..

the ford driveshafts i've seen with a counterbalancer on them were also on the mustangs, some had them, some didnt... its basicly a counterbalancer with a rubber sleeve between it and the driveshaft.. you would have to get a balanced driveshaft to fit, more than likely you would need to get a driveshaft made to replace it or make one yourself....
Which yoke are you asking about? Are you wanting to convert the 8.8 flange to a yoke style set up like a 9" rear end or do you want a new transmission yoke? As for transmission yokes, the C4 has 28 splines which is the same as an AOD, toploader and ford T-10 and T-5 manual transmissions. You can buy new ones or pick up a used one just about anywhere. As for converting the 8.8 flange to a yoke, you can buy an adapter that will bolt up to the flange and allow you to bolt a standard driveshaft. Hope that helps.

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