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Driving a T


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I just got back from a little spin with the new hydraulic shocks and all went well. Don't you just love how you can't stop anywhere without talking to people and people taking pictures of your car? I have a bunch of other cars and they go un-noticed when I drive them. :rofl:
I've noticed, when in any cruise, it is the t-bucket that gets the most attention. Truely the best hotrod ever built. Build a $14,000 to $16,000 t-bucket and put 8,000 miles a year on it. Build a $32,000 high boy and your afraid to take it out of the garage.

thomas :rofl:
LOL, I was going to post about my first drive of the season today! 78*, shorts and a T-shirt! T is running great after 6 months of sitting in the garage. Drove down to the chassis dyno place to set up a session. Next week we put her through the wringer... gonna put a serious tune on this hot rod! I'll take some pitchers and post about the session. T-bucket season has arrived... yeeee haaawwww! :rofl:
Like it says on every post smiles per miles. You njust have to watch for people looking at your car and not paying attention and swerve towards you. Drive safe.
My T-Bucket gets more attention than anything i've ever owned. At a show last weekend there was a really nice '54 Chevy mild custom parked in front of me and a really nice '27 T coupe parked beside me. People would walk right past them to check out my T-Bucket. Seemed like every little kid wanted their picture taken in front of my T-Bucket.

Even winter time cruising can be fun. Nothing like bundling up and cruising the freeway when it's about 40 degrees, cloudy and threatening rain or slightly foggy. The looks on people's faces are priceless. They just know i'm having more fun than they are. Thumbs up are a given. I've even gotten a thumbs up from the Fresno PD. And that's running straight pipes, gear drive and a slightly lumpy cam.
Just got back from running a few errands. Since it's about 60 degrees and sunny i decided to take the T-Bucket. Naturally there was lots of "Cool car" and thumbs up. But when a guy in a bitchin' '34 Ford 5 window gave me a little wave, that just made my day.

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