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DWI in a Motorized La-Z-Boy?

He should be glad he did not shoot someone or have dog fights, he would have probably only gotten 30 days and not had time to sober up. Ohh, that's for prof athletes.
The lazy-Boy is going on eBay per the police department. In MN they can sieze you car & auction it for drunk driving.
Cool, I'm going to be looking for that auction. Any idea when it is going to be listed?
only in minnesota... If he had been in the zoo at the nhra nationals in brainerd this would be perfectly acceptable :)
Brucer said:
man that aint nothin" you ought to see our couches here in kentucky..:)
I was joking about hanging in the zoo at the nhra nats in brainerd then I go to the story and click on the picture and see a nice nhra logo on his chair... hes a zoo guy! lololol

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