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Easy turn signals


This is what i used for my turn signals. Works great self canceling and everything in one module. VERY easy to wire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Penta Star XP Module
Looks interesting. What does it look like in the car? The description says to hold the button for a specific period of time for it to be activated. Does it not use a lever on the column?
No steve i put two momentary pb down on the front of the seat panel and you just touch one and it blinks for 7 seconds hold it for 3 seconds and its the turnlane time i think its 60 seconds and it self cancels. Push both R-L at the same tiime and its 4 way flashers. It also processes the brake signal and turn together if u r on the brake and you push the right TS the left stays in the brake mode and the right flashes. And so on. It also will work on std lamps or LED without a resistor needed to flash.
The Module is on the far right with the tiewrap on it. I will take a pic tonight of the finished system.
Mr. Rooster,

Maybe you should go into the custom wiring business. As nice as it looks, I would have to have mine on the front side of the dash. To nice to hide and of course I would want to brag about it.

Here is the finished wiring and works great. I placed the relay for the Fan by the fan so i could pick power for it direct from the ALT this eliminates any voltage drop and you dont have to run a heavy wire from the fuse area. The only wire is a fused hot for the relay and the sensor provides trhe ground to energise the relay. The sigdynamics mod is the small box with the tiewrap
great post rooster!!! super wiring job...keep up the good work.

Great wiring job! I've been running the same module for about a year and it works good I'm using a spring loaded center off switch instead of two pushbutton switches. Just a momentary push left or right and you're good to go. The only thing, I can't turn on the four ways with this setup but you only need one switch.

Nice wiring. What are you using for turn signal lights in the front?

BTW, Speedway sells a similar module, might be teh same manufacturer:
Hi-Tech Turn Signal Module Standard
Ah yes, a trailer light brake/tail/turn signal converter. I used one in my T Bucket wiring harnes for my single bulb rear lights. It works great and was super easy to install.
Youngster said:
great post rooster!!! super wiring job...keep up the good work.


I have the same switch that you have ( left right momentary) what I did was put a little bracket under the dash and put a small momentary push button tied into the left and right switch and wala 4 ways work and no switch to see. :cool:

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