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Electric shifter for TH350?

I'm looking at shifters and am wondering if anyone has made an electric shifter for a TH350? I can get a 12v linear actuator pretty easily, and I have a background in electronics so I think I could put it together. But I don't know if it is a good idea. I was thinking buttons or a knob on the dash to shift, would save some space too. Any examples of thi.
OK, I'm still hunting and pecking, but want to get this to you. go to the Actuonix website for more details.
shifter 2.JPGschematic 2020.jpeg
It is very good to see you on here and thanks for the comment............I have been thinking about doing this to my Cedan.....
I will get my son to take a gander at this and see if he could do that to the Cedan. Thanks Dr. Smith........

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