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Show me your Tips and Tricks for lifting your body off your frame . . .

(what a bloody freakin' chore for a single old lady)
I guess you could get married ???


Hope you don't find this offensive, I mean no disrespect.
Just trying to be funny.
The second gantry crane I ordered from Amazon finally got here and I assembled it this weekend,
Do you need both, or did you over buy on the first crane?
Do you need both, or did you over buy on the first crane?

I got the 2000# capacity on the first one which I got to install the engine/trans, because I'm skeptical of the capacity ratings on Chinese stuff and would rather be well on the safe side.

To lift the body off the chassis, Without having to remove the top and/or windshield . . I have to pick it straight up from the front and rear, so having a second crane seemed like the easiest way to do it.

Lift body, roll the chassis out from under, roll the dolly under, set body on dolly, move body out of the way.
I was planning on using a gantry , never thought about using an engine puller. I thought an engine puller wouldn't lift high enough. Now I know otherwise.
You can always weld up a vertical extension for the engine lifter to raise the lift point and get the body to the required height. I've done it to remove and replace the end panel out of a verandah roof.

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