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Energy analysis predicts $12 a gallon

We have been lucky down here.........gas is only $3.859 / gal
diesel is $4.499 / gal

I spoke too soon....:eek: gas is now 3.939 / gal here :sad:

the wierd thing is, not much over a couple months ago, i watched a show on discovery or science channel about how plentiful the oil supply was. the show was focused on some island off the coast of Russia that could supply the world with oil for a couple hundred years, so they said...

They were showing the 2 oil pockets they were drilling and how they were drilling off the coast of the island and the drills were still on the island, using the bending pipe drilling method, dunno what its actually called. they also spoke of the giant oil reserve in alaska that could fuel america, supposedly for a hundred years or so by itself..

All i can say is, if something isnt done with the price of gas, the area where i live is going to be hurting big time... if they think the economy is bad now, wait till gas hits $5 a gallon.

people that cant afford to buy these nice little gas saver cars, wont be able to afford to buy gas, therefore wont get to work because they dont live within walking distance of work.. then the banks will be screaming even more of repos and foreclosers.. this country is to spread out and rural for gas prices like they are predicting.. somebody stole the fuel from a company vehicle at work last night, and diesels only $4.50 here
there will be more lawsuits and lost time work accidents than ever before.

i dont feel sorry for these people that fell into the diesel truck hype over the last couple years, bet thier not liking that diesel power now..

all in all, i think its just the rich getting richer and the middle class is disappearing into the poor..

why are there oil futures anyways? seems like the banks could just buy up oil futures and sit on them and make thier money that they're losing on the housing market and then some, that in turn would just drive up the demand for oil, therefor make the price of fuel go up..

they'll do something when the economy monday wont be didly compared to whats coming if somethings not done about it..
Night before last, I paid $3.989/gallon for 87 octane. Diesel was $4.699/gallon.

It is interesting (read: a bit frightening) to see how this particular area is slowly withering away with the current economic issues. This city was actually little more than a farm town that somehow managed to attract a lot of industry. Alcoa Aluminum has a plant here, Caterpillar has a plant here, Wabash National has a plant here, Subaru's only American assembly plant is here (where they also build the Toyota Camry), etc.

The city has always had an Area Plan Commission that was intended to oversee new construction in the area, to ensure infrastructure was never over-taxed. This lot of bandits spent more time selling permits to homeowners that wanted to plant a shrub in their front yard and allowed development companies to run amok with new housing. Every square inch of land now has a new home sitting on it.

With fuel prices where they are, the trucking industry is staggered and Wabash National is having trouble trying to give away their trailers. So they are laying people off on a fairly regular basis. Caterpillar has managed to come up with a couple of decent contracts, but the insiders claim this business is only expected to last 14-18 months. All the other factories have virtually no business and are operating at minimal employee levels.

And everywhere you look, there are new homes that are sitting empty. Builders and developers are offering incredible purchase incentives, but the fact is nobody can afford a new home. Or they can no longer qualify for a mortgage, now that the banks are finally waking up from the sub-prime dream. With these incredibly-priced new homes available, pre-owned homes are worth virtually nothing. My 6 year-old condo now appraises for about $6K less than I paid for it.

As the factories continue to lay people off, the home foreclosure lists in the local newspaper grows longer and longer. People like myself, who work in the high-performance aftermarket, are in danger of losing our jobs, as people no longer have the disposable income they once enjoyed. When a family cannot afford to pay the mortgage, building a street rod or race car is completely out of the question. With the exception of the filling stations and grocery stores, retailers are cutting their prices to the quick and still cannot sell product.

But we should all rejoice in the knowledge of the oil companies reporting not only record sales, but record profits as well. :D

I have a pal in Perthshire, Scotland, just north of Stirling. Day before yesterday, fuel was selling at $9.30/gallon. I'm afraid we've not seen the end of rising fuel prices...
You got that right about this whole fiasco driven by the futures market. The Governor of North Dakota recently said that the futures market speculation was nothing more than a 24/7 casino.

There's no doubt that fuel will get more expensive, but I can't see it getting anywhere near what this video shows because entire economies are in jeopardy and a multi number of governments are going to band together and eventually take control of the futures market.

So-called industry analysis "experts" are a dime a dozen, but they get elevated into the limelight every time they come out with some end-of-the-world revelation.
The environmentalists have taken over. Not only are we importing almost 70% of our oil, we are now importing about 15% of our refined gasoline. Compounding the problem is the fact that we are shopping in an international market with a very weak dollar. Ironically we are awash in oil right here in North America, we are finding it faster than we are using it. Coal is essentially oil in a solid form, we have reserves equivalent to several centuries at our current rate of usage. The fact that we are generating electricity with anything but nuclear is just plain obscene. Somehow we have decided that corn makes a better motor fuel than it does a food, consequently food prices are going through the roof, and half the third world is starving , further bolstering our world image. Unfortunately, these are the types of circumstances that tend to breed major wars..........but, thats for a different forum. I am going to build a car. It may take a little longer than it would under better economic circumstances, but I am going to build the damn thing anyway!:D
How many of yu'al have seen the Movie"Who Killed the Electic Car" I think it lays things out well.
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