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Engine Dress up


Doing a few things to dress up the bucket and was wondering if there is a supplier out there that some one could recommend. What I want to do is replace or cover some of the black hoses on the engine. Vacumn, PVC lines etc. Have thought about using chrome wire loom but diameter might be an issue. Suggestions?
I used Cool-Flex radiator hoses on mine. For some of my vacuum lines I used braided hose with -AN fittings. Where I couldn't use the fittings I carefully cut the hose to avoid fraying the stainless braid and pushed it on like regular black rubber hose.
Check out Speedway, Jegs and Summit website & catalogs, more specifically try Earls and Cool Flex.
Thanks for the replies. I have a cool flex line for the rad hoses. Will look at a couple of the other sites you listed. Thanks
I ran my vacuum lines with 1/4" aluminium tubing, used chrome (but doesn't have to be) brake line fittings with inverted flares...


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