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Engine Leveler

Baby Huey

New Member
I built a engine leveler to use on the chain hoist. I wanted one a little longer than the short ones that everyone has for sale. I wanted to reach both ends of straight 6's and the older extended blocks like the Old's and Chryslers.
This one is 2x2x1/4" wall steel tube. The total length is 26". I used a piece of machined Teflon as a slide under the top threaded block. The load bearing roller on the bottom of the square tube are Ball Bearings (we had em at work, ordered the wrong size...) The center pin thru the bearings is 3/4".
The threaded rod is 5/8, and there are ball thrust bearings on each end.
The "Quick-Links" on the chain (the ones with nuts) are 5/16" and rated at 1760 lbs each. I suggest you choose your hardware carefully. I had some snap hooks that seemed to work fine but spread everytime I lifted a big block... I used adjustable links here so I could quickly adjust the chain length without taking something apart and having long chains laying over the fresh paint on engines. "BH"





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