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engine setup

Gandy look at Chassis Engineering web site for mounts . I use the weld in with the rubber doughnut style lets the motor set lower and i like the look.
You can fabricate a side mount that will use on OEM '67 Chevell mount. These Chevy mounts are available any auto parts store and are very reasonable in cost. If you are going to run an automatic then be sure to use side mounts. Pan clearence is the key issue to engine height. How much stuff do you plan to hit? I like low frames and keeping the pan flush with the bottom of the frame rail. Most others seem to run higher frame heights then me. Just something to think about.

akitagandy said:
I have been looking T's the engine sets up higher in some frames and lower in others ,I'm guesing there is not a standard, any info would help

There is nothing standard about a T-Bucket! NO RULES!!! Over the years I have been to many car shows and I have seen hundreds of T's. I have never seen two T's look the same. I have seen many other hotrods look the same, especialy the '32 coupe.
The main thing is oil pan clearence.Its a fine line between drivable and looking cool.Next thing you need to know is the carb needs to sit level.I have 4 inches of oil pan clearence to the road. Some say the pan should be no lower than the frame rail.

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