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engines painted


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it was hard to get pictures that showed the color off... its actually called passion orange metallic.. its more copper than orange...

Looks good! What color are you going for your car?
fred ,

i havent made up my mind.. more than likely i'm going to make the whole car that color.. might break it up with black though... might go black on the frame, and have everything else that color..

i'm gonna run chrome steelies with wide whitewalls.. might even get the plain steels and paint them body color with chrome trim rings and baby moons..

as i sit now...i'm gonna run the jayster headers, wide whitewall, model a shell..

i had the tunnel ram so i stuck it on there, will probably go to a 3x2 before its over with..

decisions, decisions..
Looks good. I did mine just a little different. The block is black and the covers are orange along with the pulleys. My body will be the same color orange with black frame. I wish I'd had a tunnel ram though. I like the look of them.
got pulleys and valve covers, have to get bolts for both.. just stuck them on there to see what they looked like..

getting a little closer :)


Sweet color, you could just drop that by shop anytime.;)

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