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My 14-year-old son just brought this site to my attention...

Welcome to!


wow, some of those are pretty bad! I hear the english language is the toughest one in the world tho.Thanks for the smile lee!
butch27 said:
Funny Stuff.English is THE easiest language in the world.I myself speak it like a native. :D

Actully most Americans speak american. The British speak english and it's not as easy as you think.
GT you are SO correct. At least once a day I speak to someone that installed our software from ENG / setup.exe. I point out there is another folder USA / setup.exe that will work better for US.

The American we speak isn't the English they speak in the UK.

Once had a French friend try to figure out what a Cajun friend was saying... not even CLOSE.
Yes engrish are hard. I can see why foreigners have trouble. Can you say "The water main at my house in Maine was crushed by the horse with the golden mane." or "Would someone lead me to the lead mine?" Of course it might be that we just aren't that intelligent. Junior Sample once pointed out on Hee Haw that the French were the smartest people in the world. He said that "even the little kids can speak French and I can't speak nary a word of it."

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