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exhaust info required.


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Hi guys, quick update, still recouping from my double knee replacements, possibly another month or two before the garage will see me. I've be getting together lots of bits for my project (C-cab based on Dan Woods Ice Truck) I just picked up repro brass headlights made by a guy over here (Australia) they are just awesome, check out his web site Lights, Lamps and Lanterns I know there were no headlights on the Ice Truck, I'm not building a duplicate just using some of the design features.
I also brought 2in. stainless tubing for the exhaust, I want the exhaust to look the same as the Ice Trucks, I need to make something to quieten the engine noise, I was thinking on getting 8, 3/4in by 12in long s/steel tubeing drilling them with holes then 24, 2in. diameter s/steel discs, also drilled with 3/4in. centre hole and 1/4in. holes around that, I will weld a disc both ends of the 3/4 tubing and one in the middle, this unit will then slide into the end of the 2in. exhaust, between the discs I could put s/steel drill shavings or something similar. WILL THIS WORK?
Hey Phantom.....welcome........there are alot of guys here thats done it all so-to-speak on the little rockets........if anyone can give ya info.......RPM, BlownT, Ted and 2/3's of all the folks here can help you..............

Me......I'm a bad person to ask about exhaust tone.........I have my head near a blown mountain motor at least 8 or 10 hours in 1 week.....and thats my hearing is really shot to hell.............Really

I'm gonna go the next 2 or 3 weeks and see the Doctors about some hearing aids........Don't know if they can do anything...........I've got a bad steady ringing.................I have a feel for the AA/FC's.......I lay my hands on the engines to feel the vibes to check and see if theres any thing wrong or missing, etc, etc................
G'day Phantom,

I tried lots of things in trying to get my 6/71 blown 350 quiet enough to pass rego thru the sidepipes to no avail. They originally wanted 92dB, but with the new Australian Street Rod Guidelines they will allow 96dB. Even that is not easy. I tried making baffles and put them in the pipe just out of the head, tried them in the bottom pipe just before the collector and even in both at the same time and the best I got was around 107dB, but also SEVERLY restrictive. I built 40+ different mufflers along the way and even went and saw 'Piney' the guru from Walker Mufflers to see what he could suggest. His suggestion was 2 1/2" perferated tube and wrapped in fibreglass. I built that the FULL length of the sidepipe and it still only got about 102dB. I finally gave up after about 18 months of getting nowhere and built a Flowmaster style muffler and put that under the jag diff and instantly dropped the sound to 97dB. Now with a little stainless steel filter wool (same stuff they use in the v8Supercars) stuffed in it it should pass no probs. BTW I also have a 14" off the shelf muffler and catalytic converter in each sidepipe as well.
I have doubts you'll get past rego just running thru small pipes and baffles, unless you are on 'Club rego' only, which limits the driveability of the car. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but save yourself the heartache and months in the build and design a functioning exhaust and 'Fake' the exhaust you "Really" want.

Check out my Flowmaster muffler muffler11
or all my build pics Aussie T's T Bucket Site

Sorry the free site wont let me 'Hotlink' the pics

Also havent updated the site in some time, been busy with outer stuff around the house and havent got back to the T

Tim (Aussie T)
Thanks Tim, looks like you explored all avenues. My exhaust, as I said, will consist of 8 individual pipes 2" in diameter, so each pipe has only one cylinder to baffle, I am hoping my idea will work. I will only be running a standard 350 chev and I will also only be going for street rod rego. I hope you get back to your T soon. Regards Phantom

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