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fabric bodys

Not me, but it sounds interesting.
That would be different, I'd like to see one.
Going back to my pre-teen days when I built "stick" airplane kits, here's some random thoughts.

The sub structure would have to be substantial to withstand road use. The fabric wouldn't lend any rigidity to the body.

The body would have to be basiclly of a box like design. In this type of strucure, compound curves are very difficult to create.

The whole process would be like taking a 'glass body shell and building a sub structure inside it, only in reverse.

It's an interesting concept, but one that require a good worling knowlege of areo design. That's not to say it couldn't be done. I guess I would say the most you would get out of a project like this would be bragging rights. As for resale value, maybe Jay Leno would be a prospective customer. Don't get me wrong. If this is something you would like to try, buy all means, give it a go.

WOW...that's quite a project. Do you have any sketchs of what you want the body to look like? I assume you are thinking about a nose like Jim Ewing had on the Super Bell coupe judging from the pinched front of the rails. Input, input,need to know more!

Those are both nice projects, creative.
Wow! Think about it though, if someone with a fancy computerized bender could bend the tubing they could probably make a collapsable UPS shippable body! (kind of like the sand rail dune buggy frames)
The body will follow the shape of the frame,all the sketchs are in my head.The radiator will be behind the drivers seat. need to pick up a turbo to run with 2 -Weber/Holly 2 barrels left over from "first one". I have been thinking about a track nose for the front,but then again maybe just the engine hanging out there.

A nose on it would make it look like it's goin' 100 mph sittin' still
It worked for these guys!:lol: Just don't get shot at.:lol:


You have some REALLY interesting ideas for this. I hope you can try them out. I'm all into new ways of doing stuff and this sounds VERY cool.
ouh506 said:
Has anyone seen or built a frabric "T" roadster body using fabric like on a WW1 airplane?


No, I haven't! It is a good idea. Go for it. I plan to design one for myself. Good luck!
This tube structure fits the inside of a '23 body pretty close. Just git out the fabric and dope. I still need to put a crossbar just under the top of the cowl.

Have you guys seen this?
[ame="[media=youtube]kTYiEkQYhWY[/media]"]YouTube - BMW GINA Light Visionary Model: Premiere[/ame]
ouh506 said:
Has anyone seen or built a frabric "T" roadster body using fabric like on a WW1 airplane?

bodies were made like this a lot in the model T and A speedster days.How would you like to wreck in a cloth body doing 100!I have a book published in the 30s on making a cloth speedster bodied car but I don't know how I could share it.Compound curves can be done in cloth it just takes a little thinking after all woman get wrapped in some pretty form fitting cloth covers every day!
A guy I worked with said his high school shop teacher was building a paper mache sportscar body and had the kids work on it. He said they had a wireform with chicken wire and window screen covering then they laid strips of newspaper soaked in wallpaper paste over the screen and could push from underneath to smooth it out. Then the final body was painted with a couple coats of enamel paint inside and outside. I had a neighbor that laid up a fiberglass canoe inside a mold. he used cotton cloth fabric first then resin and the glass mat over it .. the cloth fabric patern showed thru the resin.
Looks good, dare to be different---The fuel burning, German Auto Union formula one cars of the 30's used fabric on some areas of the car bodies,don't remember more than that?
Keith Bowman
I have looked over the Net and have found that there have been several companies that have made fabric covered car bodies in the past and they look pretty good.

Some EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) members make homebuilt airplanes and cover them with Ceconite.

Here's a link for a site of the covering system Aircraft Technical Support Ceconite Aircraft Covering

good luck to you

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