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Fall Barrie swap meet/ meet&greet


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As I posted in the Bothwell thread, we will be at the fall Barrie swap meet in Barrie Ontario the weekend of Aug 4th htrough 7th. We will not be arriving until the Friday but will be there for the rest of the show. Our booth number is 2D10 in the Gold field. Anyone here going?? I think Keeper posted in the Bothwell thread that he wanted to get there this year. Anyone interested in a meet and greet?? Maybe Friday late afternoon??
Ya, that's a problem for a lot of us. This swap meet starts on Thursday, and by Saturday when most of us have time off, the place is picked over preaty good. I'll be setting up Friday morning, and hope to be finished set up by 9:00 or so, but stop in any time, we'll be there. It would be nice to meet some of you.
Well for an automotive swap meet there was a lot of non-automotive stalls. I would say roughly half were selling junk, and not the good kind.

Not very much in parts for me though I did find a nice high torque SBC mini starter for a great price.

Good thing pistonbroke has a front end for me or I would be back at the drawing board!
It ain't like the good ol' days! Here in Minnesota the turning point was when Uncle stepped in and required a tax form for swappers. Be fore that, the fall meets were great. Lots of guys cleaning house before the cold set in. Now they just go to E-bay with their stuff.


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