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Fastest T in the UK ?

andy fadster

New Member
Some of you may have been following the exploits of me and my T over the few threads I have posted on here since I joined a few weeks ago.

The best times for the T, up until now, have been 10.2 @ around 128 mph over the 1/4 mile.

Decided to head over to the historic city of York today for some test and tune whilst the season is just starting.

Loaded the T onto the flatbed and headed over the Pennine hills into the beautiful county of Yorkshire en route to its capital city where the famous, or should that be infamous York Dragway resides.

After signing in and paying my dues, I tried a couple of shakedown runs resulting in a new personal best of 10.02 @ 125, which ain't too shabby for a street rod. I then went back to the pits to try some reseach and alterations to improve the times if possible.

First change was to remove the wheelie bars which I think may have been unloading the axle on launches. The rear springs were eased to allow more travel and tougher launches...or that was the theory. After a couple of tries, traction was still causing an issue so I dropped the tyre pressures to 7 psi...result ? 9.82 @ 140 mph.

Decided to put the T straight back on the trailer and leave it well alone. Because it has been so good, I might just treat it to an oil change and new plugs......

More news after next weekend which is a big mopar weekend in which the championship I am involved in have been invited to...some giant killing about to happen I think !!!

All the very best from the UK,

Congratulations!! there's that 9 second time you were after. Just got done watching your video, that was COOL!! You have got to get someone to videotape you at the track sometime. Best of luck next weekend, give em hell!!
A real good friend is going to do some video next weekend and the car is booked in for a professional photo shoot with scantily clad ladies in a very retro 70's feel so I'll keep you all posted on both of those.

Regarding elephant hunting...their were a couple of hemis attending yesterday in the american car shootout with some real wheel standing mopars present, but I'm proud to say that apart from the "jet car", the T was the fastest RWYB car there that weekend.
andy fadster said:
A real good friend is going to do some video next weekend with scantily clad ladies in a very retro 70's feel


now that's my kinda video;)

congrats on the new time & mph:clap:

I'm still waiting for the video to come so in the meantime, let me tell you about last weekend at Shakespeare County Raceway where I managed to smash the national street car challenge record down to an astounding 9.275 @ 144.

I'll send a full report on this and the video as soon as I have time but heres some photos and a copy of the timing ticket.




If you listen fairly carefully, you can hear the nitrous come in second gear.
Well done Andy... That an impressive take off and a spanking good time, brilliant.

Plenty of traction then? lol
RPM said:
I am going to have to quit following this thread! I am wanting to put a cage in mine and go racing!!!!! :lol:

Great job car looks fantastic.

The most exhilarating racing is to be found in a T bucket. Fit the know you want too !!!
Thanks Al. We have our Nostalgia Nationals here at the end of June with some really nice machinery. The best part of all that is that it is held at Shakespeare County Raceway and whilst looking at the debuts and show cars, you can watch some real quick racing on the strip. I'll be there racing the T in some "friendly" races with some upgrades to the nitrous...175 shot up to 300, so I'll be in the eights with some luck.

Hope you're all having a great summer...I'm doing some proper mileage in the T. Making the most of it whilst we can...!!!
andy fadster said:
Hope you're all having a great summer...

Make sure someone is taking some pics and videos when you run the Nostalgia Nationals...

Since i live in Sammamish, Washington, thought I'd post a picture of Lake Sammamish off a web-cam as of this morning....
as you can see, summer is not here yet!

:) I had to watch that one a couple times, and might go back again! Fantastic job Andy! You got into the low 9s and made it look easy, cant wait to see where you go from here. Thanks for the fun!!
That thing hauls butt!! :D Andy, how do you have your front end set up? What caster, toe in, etc to make it stable at those speeds? What tires too?

Reason I ask is I have a built 460 +.30 Ford sitting that I built for a drag car a while back and am thinking of building a little Bantam drag car like one I had in the '70's. The front end has me a little concerned as I want to run a straight axle but sure don't want any handling problems at 140 + mph. :eek:

Yours tracks straight as an arrow, so you evidently have it all figured out.

I'll get you the full tech list this week. Went to the local cruise on wednesday night...about 60 miles round trip for me !! There was a guy there taking videos and he made this one of the best car there...mine of course !!!


YouTube - 9 Second T Bucket Hot Rod

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