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fiberglass grounds


hi i am about to start the thought process of wiring my t Bucket and was wondering if i had to use any special grounds for the fiberglass body.thanksmark
Nothing special except, each and every light, relay, gauge, etc. MUST have a ground that connects to the frame. This can be accomplished very easily by bringing all the grounds to a central point and then terminating that point to the frame. Also, do not forget to connect a ground wire from the engine block to the frame. And one more thing, be sure to use a star washer between the frame and the wire that is being grounded. The star washer will "bite" into the metal of the frame and give you a very good connection.

I can not stress too much the importance of having good grounds. You would be surprised the number of "troubles" that are cured with a good ground.
thanks for the good info. it will be a great help and stop alot of unecessary words being yelled
I just install one main terminal bar that becomes the central ground for every accessory. I usually run a 10 gauge wire right to the battery negative post, then put the terminal strip in a location where everything can run back to it.

I also run a braided ground strap from the engine or transmission to the frame so that the engine gets a good ground too.


The square block to the left of the red square box is how I did mine.


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