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Fired the motor today.


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Supporting Member
This motor came with the car and I don't know anything about it other than it's a 72 350 with a leaky rear main. I have my old Vette motor I plan on using but I figured it would be fun to get this one running and use it for the time being so I can play with the car some. Here's a short video of it running.

Very, very nice job! Gotta love it!:lol:
IT LIVES !!!!! Nothing like the sound of your first start up.
Man that sounds good enough to run till it poops the diaper!!!!!!!!!!
old round fart said:
What did you have to do to make it go? Sounds good.
I was going to e-mail you tonight. I rewired the whole starting and ignition circuit and after being shown the light by Don's rods:eek: I got spark after that believe it or not that old carb fired right up and purred like a kitten. I was shocked. I figured at least going through the carb was in order.:cool:

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